In addition to a new home, there are other significant changes at the WRC. WCI – Work, Community, Independence, which is a Waltham-based non-profit serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has taken over the administrative and financial responsibilities of the WRC.

“We’re very excited to be involved with the Waverley Redemption Center, and equally excited to be in downtown Waltham,” said Nancy Silver Hargreaves, the Chief Executive Officer of WCI. “We think this business will be better than ever.”

Founded in 1974, WCI provides living arrangements, employment and day supports to individuals with a wide range of disabilities. WCI provides flexible options to people it supports, to achieve their optimal lifestyles, as each individual's needs are different. “To foster the greatest possible degree of independence and competence for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities” has been WCI’s goal for over three decades.

For more information on WCI, please visit their website at To contact someone at WCI about more information, please email